Wisdom 2.0 Conference 2018

Resilience is the antidote to this increasingly chaotic world, but how to we cultivate it?

Ashley Graber , LMFT, Meditation & Mindfulness Expert spoke at this year's Wisdom 2.0 mindfulness conference.

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The Truth About BMI: Is The Body Mass Index Messing With Your Mind?

by Cori Rosenthal, LMFT, Mindful Eating Specialist, Meditation Teacher @ Evenflow


THE BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is an estimated measure of body fat based on weight in relation to height. The problem with this method is that the BMI formula doesn’t take muscle mass into consideration. That means even if you’re as lean as the chicken breast you dine on daily, but have built up a substantial amount of muscle because #fitlife, you might still be categorized as obese — and that’s neither accurate nor fair. read more



TEDx Culver City: The Failure Paradox 

Implicit in the fear we have of failure is a call to action. And when we move into avoidance, we refuse that call. This talk will reveal why some of us are wired to interpret the call to action as a threat. We’ll also discover how meditation and mindfulness practice can help us turn down the volume on the powerful negative emotions that obscure the important questions we need to ask, questions that would help us get back into the ring to move forward with our lives.

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The Complete Guide to Online MeditatIon

by Ashley Graber LMFT, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher@ evenflow.io


Are Open Marriages The Future of Relationships? A Couples Therapist ExplaiNs.

by Shira Myrow LMFT,  Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher @evenflow.io

Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship or considering a consensual non-monogamous one, the inconvenient truth is that we can bring our unprocessed issues to every relationship we’re in—particularly when we feel threatened by insecurity, anxiety, possessiveness, and jealousy.   While an open marriage seems like the progressive solution to the low desire problem in long term relationships, there are no guarantees that love and sex will stay neatly compartmentalized in an open one.   Open relationships require  careful negotiations, transparency and clear boundaries.  But anyway you slice it, relationships are infinitely complex, and things can get messy.


Thrive Global 


Do you feel like you’re always running out of time or don’t have enough of it? Or perhaps you find yourself feeling perpetually distracted? Research indicates that our mind wanders more than 50% of the time during our waking moments. The level of stimulation and distractions in modern life can feel overwhelming and even fragmenting at times. And that can lead to loss of focus, mistakes, diminished productivity and difficulty making decisions. Being distracted also increases stress and anxiety. 

The long term negative effects around feeling stressed out and rushed impacts everything we do-- from the quality of our work to our sleep and eating habits, to the way we relate to our loved ones.  (Read more)




How to Make Meaningful Change

Looking for a good podcast to listen to? RadioMD interviewed one of our expert teachers, Shira Myrow! Listen below to learn how having a conscious relationship with your failures can help you internalize new sets of beliefs and behaviors.

Changing deeply entrenched behavioral patterns can be extremely daunting despite our sincere efforts to change. Good intentions simply don’t go very far without practices that can anchor you in your intentions.  Mindfulness and meditation practice can be powerful allies in your pursuit of change and self awareness. They enable you to become present with your thoughts and feelings and sensations, in a non-judgmental, compassionate position. Once you can step back and move into more of an observer role, you can uncover the deeper roots of what prevents you from making meaningful and tangible shifts in your life.